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Paralegals 4 Attorneys was created in 2018 and became an LLC in 2020. My vision is to change the paralegal industry by opening doors and creating new possibilities. I have acquired the knowledge and skill set to assist attorneys with their legal cases and the public with non-legal services. I’ve been a paralegal for over 22 years and have obtained a wide range of knowledge handling many unique and complex cases during litigation including multi-million dollar lawsuits. I have the ability to manage a large docket and have a sharp eye for detail. I find solutions to all problems by thinking outside of the box. My mission is to provide affordable services to every attorney regardless of your years of experience. No project is too small nor big! I can even assist for those last minute projects or emergencies that fit your budget needs. Reach out and allow my company to provide you with a FREE quote on your projects. Let me simplify your life. I promise to provide you with the upmost professionalism, hard-work and commitment. Our company understands the necessity for confidentiality and we perform conflict checks before accepting new projects.